Follow These Simple Steps to Disable McAfee Total Protection Temporarily

A Security Software is a Must secure your device from Online threats. McAfee Is among the list of Best Security Software that offers ultimate security and is being used by many users around the world. The Software is enriched with advanced-level security Features that provide a secure browsing experience to the user. Most Of the Business official Always prefers to have a Security Software on their device as they want proper security to keep their data safe from any kind of web threats.McAfee Total Protection

You might have heard above several cases related to Ransomware, Spyware, etc. hence, a Security Software is reqruied to prevent these kinds of attacks. McAfee is a Renown Security software that offers security against these viruses and spyware. however, there are instances where you might need to disable the software for some time to perform some important tasks. The McAfee Total Protection is one of the products of McAfee Security Software that is known for its powerful ability to protect your device from these kinds of threats. But many users have reported an issue that while trying to download Important files they have encountered an error and the McAfee Total Protection software is not letting them download the file.

Even sometimes, the Software takes a Legitimate File as illegitimate and doesn’t allow the file to enter the system. this issue is referred to as a False-positive as the Security Software doesn’t allow the passage to the file as it considers the file contains a Virus. So if you need to download this file in your device then you will be required to disable the security software temporarily. Once the file is downloaded then the software will start its functioning again. But before Disabling the file, You need to know that during the time the software is disabled on your device, the file will be prone to viruses and spyware.

Steps to Disable McAfee Total Protection Temporarily

The McAfee Total Protection software Keeps your device secure from web threats. If you are reqruied to disable it then you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Close all the programs on your device and then double-click on the Icon of McAfee Total Protection from your desktop.McAfee Safe Connect
  • Now the Control panel Of the McAfee Software will be open on the screen.
  • Now go to the Top of the window and then click on the Navigation like. This will redirect you to a new window.
  • Here you need to click on the “Real-Time Scanning” link and then choose the “Turn Off” option at the window.McAfee Customer Service
  • After this, You will need to mention when you will want to resume the functioning of the security software.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and then choose the time according to your requirement.
  • Again Click on the “Turn off” Option and then click on Done to save the changes.

After successfully completing this, Now you can close the Window. In case, you don’t know when to resume the functioning of the security software then simply open the drop-down menu and choose the Never option.

So this way you can easily disable the McAfee Total Protection Software temporarily from your device. Now you can easily download or perform the operation that is blocked because of this Software. After completing your task make sure to enable the McAfee Total Protection Software again to keep your device secure from viruses and Malware. you can also use McAfee LIveSafe to browse over a secured Wi-fi Connection.

If you have any queries related to the McAfee Software or need any kind of help then you can send your query to McAfee Customer Service. They are available 24×7 to guide you with any kind of issue with the McAfee Software. They are well-trained to resolve these kinds of issues quickly.